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Password Publishing House Pvt Ltd
Education is the advocate for a better reality
Dear Educators,

Education is not a gift. It’s a mutual process of empowerment that unshackles the educator and the pupil from the imposed stringencies of the past. It enables us to be a complete human. Education and other pedagogical tools realize their purpose when our conscience is awakened to be critical and completely engaged with the world around us.

Our Mission

We at Password through our books, digital resources, and other classroom-friendly tools help everyone build an experience around their identity thus making the learning exercise unique for each person involved. We look forward to easing the journey of learning for you with our contributions and make this a gratifying task for the pool of mentors and learners worldwide.

Our Vision

At Password, we believe in creating content that assists learning rather than dominates the dictum of the classroom. Our learning resources are built to merge in and encourage the learners to discover their innate potentials and maximize them to the zenith. We don’t see learning as a monolithic action that is only a privilege of a few people. It is an assimilation of knowledge that manifests the aspirations and values of everyone involved in the process of putting together a better tomorrow.

Our Services

We regularly conduct multifarious programmes like workshops, seminars, training sessions etc for educators to keep them updated with the changes in the field. Students and Parents are also given motivational sessions on and off to help them cope up with the pressures of learning. Veteran personalities in this field conduct the sessions. We have successfully conducted high level programmes in collaboration with renowned universities and organisations and they have drawn the attention and applause of the academic community.
Hence, we would be delighted to have you with us on this educational journey of ours to motivate, encourage, educate, enlighten and support us to lead everyone from the abyss of darkness into the heaven of freedom.


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